Is there general liability coverage that covers termites, powder post beetles or any other bug or vermin that may damage wood?


Sadly, the standard homeowners insurance will not cover the removal of termites, powder post, beetles or any other vermin that may cause damage to your home.

As far as the insurance company is concerned, damage due to vermin such as termites is strictly a maintenance issue that falls under the responsibility of the homeowner. The homeowner should have been able to recognize possible vermin infestation and should have taken steps to prevent it.

Homeowners insurance will only cover events that are sudden and accidental, something which wood damage caused by vermin clearly is not. It's not like your house fell apart after termites worked on it for one day!

The insurance company may, however, under certain circumstances, pay for collateral damage if the structure or part of it collapsed. For instance, if the roof collapsed, it may fall under "sudden and accidental".

If you had your house treated for termites and other vermin by a professional pest exterminator, you can consider filing for liability against your pest exterminator. These professionals will usually have commercial general liability coverage against instances like this. You should make sure that you hire a professional pest exterminator who provides a guarantee against termite infestation after they have regularly treated your home.

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