How can I find the best mobile home insurance offered by insurance companies?


Mobile home insurance is similar to standard Homeowners insurance in many respects: it provides coverage against damage or loss caused to one's mobile home, the adjacent structures and one's personal property.

What mobile home insurance differs in, is its price: because manufactured homes are considered by mobile home insurance companies more susceptible to damage by external hazards, compared to permanent homes, mobile home insurance rates are higher.

What You Should Be Looking For in Mobile Home Insurance

  • Comprehensive coverage. Although price should be an important factor when you shop around for mobile home insurance, it should not be your guiding principle. What is more important is that you get an extensive coverage against all hazards your mobile home is exposed to. A good mobile home insurance policy typically consists of the following elements:
    • Protection against structural physical damage to the mobile home, its contents and any adjacent structures;
    • Coverage against burglary;
    • Protection of the mobile home owner against third-party liability;
    • Insurance against loss which might occur while the mobile home is being transported;
    • A replacement cost provision, as opposed to actual cash value, which will allow for the mobile home to be replaced for a new one, in case it is completely destroyed.
  • Do not opt for a limited mobile home insurance, regardless of the fact they are offered by mobile home insurance companies at a lower price. They offer coverage that is too limited to provide adequate protection of your home.
  • The reliability of mobile home insurance companies is equally as important as the nature of the policies they offer. Be sure to check each company's rating and complaint record, and always go for a company with an excellent rating and a positive record. Better be safe than sorry!
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