Will I be required to buy health insurance?


Eventually, yes.

The government places the responsibility to get health insurance coverage for himself and his family. When the health reform bill is fully implemented, one will be penalized for every year that he is not insured.  The penalty may either be $695 annually or 2.5% of their income, whichever is greater.

But you don't have to worry about being able to afford health insurance. The government may help you afford the insurance or may exempt you from paying the penalty even if you remain uninsured.

You may think that this requirement is unfair to you. However, there should be a realization that having a large number of uninsured persons is costing the country a lot of money. It is also putting a heavier burden on those responsible enough to buy insurance for themselves. This is because health care provided by the hospitals for those who don't have insurance will eventually be passed on to those who are insured by way of higher treatment costs.

In order to fix this problem, the government has made it the personal responsibility of everyone to get coverage.

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