National Health care vs. private insurance: Which should I have?


The national health care program offers quality coverage but you can only get into this if you are qualified.

National health care such as Medicare mostly provides coverage for children, people with disabilities and senior citizens.

Pros and Cons of National Health Care

One good thing about a national health program is that it usually works to improve the spectrum of benefits provided and at the same time keeping premiums at bay.

Another piece of good news is that with the health care reform bill, access to national health care will be expanded - there will be more seniors and children who can get additional or extended coverage under Medicare or Medicaid.

The drawback with national health care is that quite a number of doctors are not that happy to treat patients on Medicare or Medicaid, since payments given to them are quite low when you compare it to that paid by private patients or by private insurance providers. Thus, those who are on Medicare or Medicaid may find that they are given the least priority and the service provided is inferior to that given to those who pay more or whose insurance companies provide better deals than national health care.

Pros and Cons of Private Insurance

Now, private insurance also has its advantages. For one, it has a wider network with more doctors willing to provide treatment.

Also, with the health care reform bill, you can now be assured of continued coverage even when you get sick. Your insurance company will not be able to deny you the coverage you need.

You can also be assured of reasonable premiums regardless of the fact that you have a pre-existing condition.

Whether you opt for national health care insurance or private insurance, what is important is that you do have coverage that will ensure that you and your family will have the healthcare that you need when the time comes.

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