How will the reforms affect the coverage I have for my children?


The health insurance reform law will affect your children in that they get to enjoy longer coverage from your health insurance policy.

Children will now be able to stay under your policy until they reach the age of 26. That means that they can still have health insurance coverage even when they are employed (particularly with an employer who does not provide health insurance), or when they graduate from college (and subsequently lose their student health insurance).

They can even have the option of staying with your insurance coverage when they get married. For as long as they are 26 years old and below, they get to enjoy health coverage. The health insurance will only stop covering a child under 26 years old if that child already has an employer who provides health insurance coverage.

Starting September 2010, your child (who is under 26) can still return and be covered under your policy. Also, come 2014, your child can still be covered with your insurance even if they get an offer for coverage from their employer, especially if the coverage is smaller than what they would get under your policy.

Also, the health insurance reforms have prohibited health insurance companies that will not cover children who have a pre-existing condition. This prohibition is effective on September 2010. All new health insurance plans, including employer-sponsored health insurance plans will have this prohibition. That means that regardless of your child's health condition, they still can get coverage and their pre-existing conditions will not be excluded from the cover.

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