I am self-employed? How will the new health care reforms affect me?


Yes, the new health care reforms will affect you, and based on what the proponents of the health care reform bill are saying, the changes are for the better.

Those who are buying health insurance in the individual market will find a wider range of choices, plans that include preventive care, and better consumer protections. With these, you will find that health insurance is more affordable.

What it comes down to is that you as a self-employed individual can enjoy similar benefits that are enjoyed by members of Congress or federal employees, as well as private health insurance plans.

Let's face it, those who are buying through the individual market often find it hard to get affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage. With the health care reform, you now can.

Let us outline the benefits that are offered by the new health care reform:

  • Premium savings. With the changes, you can save from 14% up to 20% in premiums.
  • Protection against arbitrary denials. The insurance companies will be prohibited from denying you coverage in case you get sick. In the same way, they cannot deny your child coverage if they, too, acquire a pre-existing condition.
  • Tax credits. Those who buy in the individual market may qualify for tax credits that will result in more savings for their premiums (some say this comes down to as much as 60 percent!).
  • Better coverage. The bill will require health insurance providers to include additional benefits to the plans that they are offering. These include services such as preventive care and these will be provided without you having to shell out money in co-payments or deductibles.
  • Extended coverage for your children. Your children will get to stay under your family policy until they reach 26 years old.
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