How much is urgent care without health insurance?


Urgent care may cost as low as $50 to $150 - that will cover the fee for the urgent care center. This is usually for basic care for a non-catastrophic condition. Also, this does not include any medicines or tests that may be needed.

Please take note that urgent care is different from emergency care.

Emergency rooms in hospitals will usually give priority to really serious cases. Those who may be in need of urgent yet non-life-threatening conditions may have to wait in the emergency room for a long time before they can get treatment since the doctors will finish treating those who need immediate care.

This is in contrast with urgent care centers, where the queues are shorter and you can also be assured of getting quality medical treatment.

Mind you, emergency room care is usually more expensive than urgent care services. By getting into an urgent care facility, you can save on time and expense.

Urgent care centers are recommended for minor fractures, sprains and strains, minor or small cuts and infections, rashes, minor burns, sore throats or urinary tract infections.

Sometimes called "doc in a box", urgent care facilities are manned by doctors, nurses and assistants who can serve your urgent but non-life-threatening need. They can dispense prescriptions and do basic lab work and x-rays. However, in contrast with emergency rooms (that is required to be open 24/7), urgent care facilities only have extended hours and the private nature of urgent care facilities give their operators the right to set their own operating hours.

However, it is necessary for you to get into the emergency room if you know you have a life-threatening condition, when you vomit or cough blood, which includes uncontrolled bleeding, chest or abdominal pain, pain that is sudden or severe, you have difficulty breathing, continuous diarrhea, spinal injuries or major burns. You should not try to scrimp and go to an urgent care facility if these are the symptoms that you have.

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