How long can my child remain on my health insurance?


The good news is that your child can remain longer on your family health insurance family. He/she can enjoy coverage until he/she is 26 years old. This is applicable not just for employer-sponsored insurance plans, but also for individual plans offered after this has become effective.

This means that coverage will continue:

  • Regardless of your child's civil status - whether he or she is single or married
  • When he graduates from college and his student insurance runs out. He or she can opt to return to your health insurance coverage.
  • For as long as he or she is 26 years old and below
  • Even when he or she gets sick and claims substantially from the policy. Before the implementation of the healthcare reform bill, insurance companies can routinely cancel coverage or exclude specific diseases the next time your child claims on the policy. With the reforms made by the healthcare reform bill, this practice will be prohibited.

The only instance when your child will not be allowed coverage under your health insurance policy is when he or she is offered health insurance coverage by his or her employer.

The ruling is applicable not just for employer-based plans that are bought from insurance companies. The ruling also covers employers that self-insure, who set aside an amount to be able to pay for the claims of their employees.

Mind you, your child does not necessarily have to stay continuously under your plan. The extension will automatically apply - all you need to do is to coordinate it with your insurance company.

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