After the healthcare reform will I still get to choose the doctor who will treat me?


Yes, you still keep the option of who will provide the treatments to you.

With the implementation of the healthcare reform program, people are apprehensive that they will lose the freedom to choose the doctors and treatments that they want. Well, let me say that this is farther from the truth.

The healthcare reform will do nothing to interfere with who you want to get treatments from. What the healthcare reform wants to do is to widen your access to doctors and the options you have. The reforms are geared towards increasing the number of doctors you have in your plan, as well as improving the quality of how these doctors deliver their services.

In fact, the healthcare reform will seek to provide you with a wider range of benefits. It will not also interfere with decisions you and your doctor will make towards your treatment. Instead, the model being proposed with the healthcare reform bill is that teams of doctors, nurses and specialists will be working together to provide quality care.  The bill will help improve the delivery of care by helping doctors and their teams coordinate the care of the patient.

Armed with technology that enables healthcare providers to have uniform and complete access to your medical information, tests or treatments are not repeated unnecessarily and the patient's records are tracked more effectively.

The bill also works towards providing more training to doctors and providing more scholarships to would-be doctors. As a result, you have increased access to more medical providers who are more skilled in providing the medical services you may need.

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