What impact will the health reform law be on veteran’s coverage?


Veteran's coverage will virtually remain unchanged under the health care reform bill. Although there will be numerous changes in the insurance industry, as well as how medical services are delivered, the provisions for veterans' insurance will still be the same.

Veterans and their family that are covered by TRICARE or TRICARE for Life still get to keep their plan. They will still get to see their doctors and get the benefits outlined in their plan. Indeed, nothing in the bill would force people to buy a new plan. Those who are eligible for health care and health insurance provided by VA will remain eligible under the new bill.

What the bill does it protect veterans, services members and their dependents from any penalty that may arise due to violations of the individual responsibility requirement set forth in the health care reform bill.

You see, the bill will require everyone to have a minimum level of health insurance coverage. The bill will make it so that a person covered by veterans' insurance meets the minimum requirement for coverage and will thus be spared of any penalties, nor will they need to get additional coverage just to meet the minimum requirements. They can buy additional coverage if they want to, though.

Veterans can also be assured of the following:

  • No changes in benefits already provided.
  • No changes in eligibility requirements.
  • No increases in deductibles or co-pays.
  • The Veterans Affairs will still handle the way health care services are provided, and thus the quality of the delivery of the services and benefits are maintained.
  • More choices of health care insurance plans.
  • Improved customer protection mechanisms. Insurance companies will not be allowed to exclude or deny veterans because of their health condition. They will also not be allowed to set limits of benefits provided.
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