Can a person draw social security disability and VA disability simultaneously?


Yes, a person can receive both social security disability and VA disability benefits at the same time.

Social Security disability benefits pay based on earned income and since VA disability benefits are not considered earned income, the benefits you get from each don't interfere with or affect the other. You could also get benefits from other sources such as workers' compensation, but these may affect your social security disability benefits.

Veterans who have a service-connected injury or disability can apply for benefits from both. But it is important to note that each of these have varying definitions of "disability".  Each also have their own rules as to what kind of disabilities are payable. For VA disability benefits to be payable, the disability must be caused by injuries sustained during the course of his military duty. Meanwhile, Social Security benefits are available for all who are covered and are able to meet the disability eligibility requirements as outlined by their policies and procedures.

Social Security disability benefits are paid based on how much income you missed due to the fact that you are unable to perform the tasks that you used to be able to do. Social Security will pay a portion of your previous income (up to certain limits monthly). In the same way, VA will provide you with a monthly pension connected with your disability.


To file for Social Security disability, you can submit a claims application through their website or through the nearest Social Security representative. To file for VA disability, you should write a letter of intent stating your plan to file for disability benefits or by calling their customer service department.

Percentages of disability

With VA, you can be rated based on the percentage of disability you suffer from. For instance, VA can rule that a veteran is 50% disabled and will pay based on this. You can receive up to 100% percentage of disability and you can still be allowed to find similar employment as you had before. Social Security, on the other hand, does not use percentages of disability. With Social Security, it's either you are disabled and eligible for benefits or not. Also, if you are still able to earn a wage (defined as "substantial and gainful income"), Social Security will not pay the benefits.

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