Does employer continue to pay for benefits while employee is on long term disability?


It basically depends on the HR policies of the employer. Continued payments of benefits while the employee is on long term disability are at the discretion of the employer. What you can do is to check with your employer about their policies to determine whether they do provide benefits or whether the employee still retains his "employed" status when he becomes disabled for an extended period of time.

In the event of your disability, the employer may be allowed to find someone else to fill in your responsibilities. The employer may evaluate the possibility of your return, based on your physical condition and whether you can still perform your previous responsibilities or not. The employer may provide some reasonable leeway to enable you to get back to work within a given time frame.

Sadly, the employer may decide to terminate your employment (under the right circumstances as stipulated by both federal and state laws). In this case, some employees can extend long term disability benefits even when the person is terminated from his job, some may not. Some employers give disabled employees from 52 to 76 weeks to be able to get back on their feet before the employers decide to make that crucial decision.

Again, this depends on the HR policies of the employer. It is important for you to know these policies beforehand and not wait until you need to claim for the benefits your employer may provide. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • What are the provisions of the company for those who suffer from a disability? Does it have a short term disability or long term disability plan?
  • What are the procedures in applying for reduced hours or extended leave?
  • Is there a specified number of hours I must work to still be eligible for disability benefits? Do I need to work part-time in the company just to continue being eligible for benefits?
  • If there are disability benefits, what portion of your salary will you continue to receive? For how long?
  • Is my disability plan transferrable in case I need to move to work for another company?
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