Why have dental insurance?


For the same reason that you have health insurance.

You buy health insurance because you want to make sure that in case you need medical treatment, you know that the insurance will cover it fully or in part. In the same way, you buy dental insurance so that in case you will need treatment (and even routine dental care), the insurance will kick in to help pay for the expenses.

Some people think that since they take good care of their teeth that they don't need to buy dental insurance. Good dental hygiene is highly commendable and will spare you some toothache and discomfort. However, accidents may still happen. Imagine getting accidentally hit by a ball and needing dental treatment such as a root canal and not having the means to pay for the treatment!

Now, aside from this reason, here are some good reasons why you should have dental insurance:

  • Dental insurance provides you with regular preventive care. When you are covered, you can avail of regular dental check-ups, cleanings, fillings, x-rays and other dental procedures that have to do with making sure that your teeth are healthy and that no decay develops.
  • Dental insurance helps to pay for other more complicated procedures. Some major procedures may not receive full coverage, however, you still can save up on these procedures. If these are covered by the insurance, it may pay for a portion of the cost.
  • Assurance of dental care. If you are covered by an HMO dental insurance plan, the dentist cannot refuse to treat you. Thus, you are assured of treatment.
  • Financial protection. The costs of dental care, even for the most basic procedures can mount up to a significant amount. Thus, a dental insurance plan can help by paying for some of the treatments and check-ups.

Let's face it, dental care can cost a pretty penny. In fact, those who don't have insurance are forced to do without dental check-ups and treatments because they can't afford to get them. What happens is that they eventually go to the dentist when the problem gets too painful to bear. Often, the damage is too great that more expensive treatments become necessary. You can avoid this situation and enjoy healthy teeth and gums by getting dental insurance.

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