What dental procedures does Medicaid cover?


In a nutshell, Medicaid does not cover basic dental procedures for adults (those over 21 years old). But this varies per state, since dental coverage for adults are under the management of the state and not the federal government. Each state decides on what dental treatments may be covered under Medicaid.

The state will specify:

  • which dental treatments to provide (to offer only preventive dental care, emergency dental treatments, etc.)
  • the maximum levels that may be availed, if any
  • the level of co-payments will be shouldered by the patient

In some cases, Medicaid will pay for tooth extraction, laboratory fees, tooth restoration, medication and other basic dental services. Traditional Medicaid may also cover dental fillings, x-rays and root canals, as well as topical fluoride applications, orthodontia and general anesthesia.

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