What services are covered under a preventative dental treatment plan?


A preventive dental treatment plan is necessary in order to ensure that teeth are healthy and will require minimal emergency treatment in the future. It emphasizes the need for early professional intervention as well as continued professional care.

Below are some services that may be covered under a preventive dental treatment plan:

  • Regular dental checkups or oral examinations. This will include assessments on how teeth are developing (particularly for patients at a young age, risk of the appearance of dental caries, as well as radiographic assessments). The dentist will examine the eruption of the teeth (when the baby first gets his or her teeth). Dental checkups are to be done at least every six months.
  • Counseling. The dentist may also provide guidance and counseling on the proper care of teeth (i.e. counseling on oral hygiene, diet and how to prevent dental injuries from happening).When warranted, the dentist may also provide substance abuse counseling and counseling on tongue piercing or any activity that may affect oral health.
  • Supplementation of fluoride.
  • Dental cleaning and topical fluoride application.
  • Regular assessment on:
    • Developments of malocclusions, if any.
    • Fissure and pit sealants (whether these are necessary), as well as tooth colored composite fillings.
  • Tooth extraction (particularly of the third molars).
  • Dental x-rays. These will be given depending on whether the dentist sees the need for it. Various limits are placed on x-rays depending on what kind of x-rays are required. Bitewings should be done twice a year, while complete, panaromic and intra-oral x-rays are to be done every 5 years.
  • Dental crowns (these may either be metal or porcelain crowns).
  • Root canals (these are covered for those below 21 years of age and will be limited only for permanent teeth).
  • Gum therapy (these will depend on medical necessity).
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