Can I add orthodontia coverage to my current standard insurance dental plan?


Braces and other orthodontia are expensive and complicated procedures. And they are usually considered elective dental procedures. Orthodontics commonly focuses on straightening the patient's teeth in an effort to improve one's smile. It is not a preventive or restorative dental procedure and that is why standard dental insurance plans exclude orthodontics from their coverage.

You can ask your dental insurance provider about including orthodontia coverage to your standard plan, but this may not be feasible. We recommend that you find a dental insurance plan that focuses mainly on covering orthodontics and get yourself covered by this plan. Of course, a plan that includes orthodontia will be considerably more expensive than a standard plan.

If you are not able to buy a dental insurance plan that covers orthodontics or if you can't add the coverage to your standard plan, you can consider getting a discount dental plan. This helps you get treatment from accredited orthodontists at a discount, usually 20% of the usual fees.

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