What can you do if your employer is changing dental plans and it is not accepted by your current dentist that is doing major dental work?


You don't have to worry about the loss of coverage during the transition period. There is usually a grace period that will ensure that you are still protected.

If no grace period applies in your case, you can request one from your employer, stating that you plan to have major dental work done in the near future and would like to ensure that it is to be paid for by dental insurance. The existing provider will usually cover that period while your employer is changing dental plans.

So, up to a certain point, the previous insurer will still pay for the dental work by your current dentist, if that dentist belongs to the insurer's network of providers.

You should also keep in mind that there is a waiting period for the new plan so major dental work may be out of the question at the onset of the new plan. It will be best to avail of your treatments before the grace period provided by the current insurer runs out.

We recommend that you go to your HR department to ask about this and to ensure that there is always some kind of coverage in place.

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