Does the health care bill cover dental insurance?


The health care reform bill also touches on dental care and dental insurance. Although the changes are not as satisfactory as some sectors in the dental industry would like, the changes are still a positive step towards the improvement of oral health care in the country.

For one, access to dental care has been improved as eligibility and coverage have been expanded so that more people can enjoy dental care. This is true especially for children, whose age limit for eligibility to free oral care has been increased to 21 years old. Insurance providers are now required to sell plans that include oral health care coverage for children up to 21 years old.

The health care reform bill also provides for tax exemption on premiums one has paid for dental insurance coverage, particularly insurance plans that provide high levels of coverage. In addition, the bill has also gotten rid of 5% tax on cosmetic dental procedures, a move which will also impact dental insurance coverage.

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