Does dental insurance cover invisalign treatment?


Usually no. Invisalign is considered as orthodontic treatment and an expensive one at that. Invisalign also helps to effectively straighten your teeth without any visible braces.

However, since Invisalign may be considered as an orthodontic treatment, you can check whether it is payable under an orthodontic insurance policy. This coverage is a supplement to your existing dental insurance or a separate policy altogether and you will need to pay additional premiums to get the coverage. Please take note that there may be waiting periods that will be applied to this coverage, so you will not be able to claim on this benefit immediately.

You can call your insurance company to check whether the policy includes Invisalign treatments. If it does not, you can ask how you can add Invisalign or orthodontic treatments to your insurance.

You can also try to ask your preferred dentist about the costs of invisalign and ask the best way to finance the treatment. The worst case scenario is that your insurance will not cover invisalign and if you really want to avail of this treatment, you can ask the dentist about his suggested payment schemes. Some dentists already provide financing plans to help you pay for the treatment.

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