Does any dental insurance cover dental implants?


Yes, there are some dental insurance providers that provide dental insurance specifically for implants. But you will find that these plans are rare and quite expensive. Also, this kind of insurance is usually a separate plan, so you will have to buy this plan on top of your existing dental insurance coverage.

There are still some providers who consider dental implants as an elective and cosmetic procedure and will thus exclude it from their benefit offerings. Most dental insurance providers will cover a front flipper or a bridge, but this is only if the tooth loss occurred after the policy has become effective. That means that if you want to claim for bridges for teeth lost before the effective date of the policy, chances are, your claim will be denied.

If you do have a dental insurance policy at the moment, it is best to check your policy to see if implants are included. If you plan to avail of a dental insurance plan that covers implants, please also take note that there may be a waiting period that is required for indemnity plans. For dental HMOs, the good news is that there may be no waiting periods attached to the coverage that provides for implants.

One point to consider is that your medical insurance plan may be the one that will pay for the implant, particularly if your condition involves considerable bone loss and the implant is medically necessary.

If you cannot find a dental insurance plan that is affordable and also covers implants, you can also consider a dental discount plan. Instead of claiming for benefits covered, you can avail of considerable discounts from accredited dentists.

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