Do dental insurance cover veneers?


Usually, no. Veneers are considered optional and cosmetic and as such are not covered by most standard dental insurance policies. In fact, cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, and implants, as well as veneers are excluded from the coverage.

Veneers are also quite expensive (costing over a thousand dollars) and if you want to avail of this procedure, it looks like you will have to pay out of pocket. Now, there are instances where your medical insurance may cover this as part of repairing an injury. But these instances are rare and far between.

What you can do to be sure about whether your dental plan will cover veneers is to ask your provider. You should also find out what instances will warrant payment for veneers and how you can claim against the coverage.

Now, if your dental plan does not cover veneers, what you can do is to discuss with your dentist how you can find help financing the procedure.

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