Do college dentistry schools offer cheap dental care?


Yes. If you want to save up on dental treatments and currently are not covered by insurance, you can consider going to college dentistry schools for treatment. They provide a cheaper alternative. In some case, the fees involved with getting treatments from a student dentist is 50% lower than it would cost you had you gone to a "regular" dentist.

Check with your city and state to see if there are dentistry schools nearby.

Why College Dentistry Schools Are Cheaper

Frankly speaking, they charge considerably lower fees since the treatment is given by a dentist-in-training or by dental residents who have yet to get a dental license. These are actually graduates of dental schools but who need further practical experience. This means that they get to "practice" on you. But there is no reason to fear, since the treatments are still supervised by school faculty, which gives the added assurance that you can still get quality treatment.

It also helps to remember that the dentist in training would not be allowed to work on your teeth unless he is ready and qualified to do so.

Drawbacks of Dentistry School Dental Care

Another drawback of getting treatments from a dentistry school is that the procedures may take longer, since the students are still getting their training. But with the amount you're paying, having to spend more time with the treatments is well worth it if you don't mind the wait or if you have some time on your hands.

Other Alternatives

If you are hesitant about this option, you can try to go to your local dentist and ask for a discount. You never know if the dentist is willing to treat you for a lower price unless you try asking.

What is important is that you do get treatment when you need it. As much as possible, try not to forgo treatment just because you think or feel that you don't need it. If you make this mistake, you may find that your problem with your teeth has worsened and thus you will need to get a more complicated and more expensive dental procedure. Spare yourself the pain and the future expense and go for treatment.

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