Will you be able to get inexpensive individual dental insurance if you discontinue COBRA and have a lapse in coverage?


The best thing to do is to try not to lapse on your COBRA premiums to ensure that you continue to enjoy cheaper health and dental insurance that you are eligible for. (Please note that COBRA provides coverage on a group basis.)

If there are unavoidable circumstances such as your being terminated, laid off or given less hours of work a day, COBRA has established specific periods of coverage to ensure that you have continued health and dental benefits.

As long as you are qualified, you can get up to 18 months of group coverage rates (cheaper insurance premiums). There are even instances when a beneficiary can receive up to 36 months of coverage. However, please note that even the extended coverage may also end earlier if:

  • You don't pay your premiums on time.
  • Your employer stops maintaining group health insurance coverage.

Now, if there is a lapse and you can't get dental insurance under COBRA, you can still try to find inexpensive individual dental insurance. The key is to do some research on the different individual dental insurance plans in the market. The internet would be a good place to start.

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