Can I buy supplemental dental insurance from blue cross?


Yes, most medical or health insurance providers (such as Blue Cross) may provide you an option to purchase supplemental dental insurance from them. You see, most standard medical insurance plans do not include dental insurance coverage. You will have to buy this as a supplement to your existing dental insurance plan or as a separate plan altogether.

The good thing is that most providers even give you a wide range of choices in an effort to answer your individual dental insurance needs.

Employees also have this option if their employer already has covered them under a medical insurance plan but not for a dental insurance plan. Most supplemental dental insurance products are sold on a voluntary basis and may be bought by the employee. The employer may also offer a cost-sharing plan for the dental insurance, as well as any deductibles involved. For employees to be enrolled for a particular dental insurance plan, there is a prescribed minimum number of employees that should be enrolled under the plan.

We recommend that you get supplemental dental insurance for the following reasons:

  • It's cheaper to buy it as a supplement and add it to your existing medical insurance coverage. Most insurance providers give a discount if you are already a customer.
  • If you don't already have dental insurance, it is wise to get covered since there is a tendency to put off any dental treatments for lack of funds. This will lead into more serious oral problems that will require more drastic treatment because the decay or the oral health problem has worsened. With a dental insurance plan, you are more likely to see the dentist for preventive treatment to ensure optimal oral and dental health.
  • Having access to dental treatments also mean that you prevent diseases linked to poor oral health. These include hypertension, as well as cardiovascular disease, which has been traced to gum infection and periodontal disease.
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