What kind of insurance do you need for a restaurant?


A restaurant insurance policy is very helpful for restaurant business owners. Dealing with food service can be very risky. The restaurant insurance policy can safeguard you and your business from countless complaints and lawsuits as well as repairs and malfunctions that can drain your financial bucket.

Before getting restaurant insurance, make sure you know the basics about your business. Take note that your location, the food and cuisine you serve, the size of your business, the number of employees, and the equipment you use are very important factors to consider when deciding to get restaurant insurance policy. You may also reflect on other things but these things are the basics.

Standard restaurant insurance includes the following:

  • General Liability

    The general liability protects you from usual complaints filed by your customers. Accidents like when someone slips and gets injured inside your eating place can be covered by this policy.

  • Food Contamination

    In cases of food spoilage, this policy coverage will replace the total content of your freezer and refrigerator. It will also shoulder all other expenses pertaining to food.

  • Property Liability

    The property liability protects you and your property from fire and natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

  • Automobile Liability

    Your company vehicles and truck can now travel without hassle because the automobile liability insurance policy will cover vehicle accidents and break downs.

  • Workers Compensation

    This insurance policy protects you whenever one of your employees gets hurt while doing their job. This type of policy is usually required by state governments.

  • Life Insurance

    This kind of policy is beneficial to the restaurant owner. In case something happens to you, as the business owner, your family and successors will not be left without a clue on how to operate the business.

Now that you already taken into consideration these items, the next step is to communicate your desire of getting this insurance to a certified insurance agent. You may opt to research and collect different cost estimates from the Internet so that you will have the idea on how much you will spend to cover your restaurant business. There are lots of quotations and estimates available online.

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