How to get a workers’ compensation insurance quote?


There are two channels through which you can get a workers' compensation insurance quote: you can either do it online, or through your local insurance agent. Prospective insurance buyers usually opt for the former, since it is a free, no-obligation way to obtain worker's compensation insurance quotes from multiple providers.

Things to Consider with a Workers' Compensation Insurance Quote

Here are some tips, which will guide you through the process of looking for a worker's compensation insurance quote:

  • Whether you plan to use an online insurance quote tool, or pay an insurance agent to provide quotes from different companies for you, you shouldn't embark on the journey ill-prepared. Make sure you load yourself with plenty of prior information about the characteristics of workers' compensation insurance, and most importantly - make sure you know the exact nature of the coverage that will suit your business needs.
  • Although the worker's compensation insurance quotes offer more or less the same coverage, you should pay special attention on the way each insurance carrier deals with the employer's liability part of worker's compensation insurance. Employer's liability coverage is very important since it provides protection of the insured employer's finances against catastrophic loss arising out of potential workers compensation insurance claims.
  • Avoid workers' compensation insurance quotes that are too cheap - they usually fall short of providing adequate compensation liability coverage. Some insurance carriers go even further and not provide employer's liability coverage which is a must-have for every employer. Steer clear of such workers' compensation insurance quotes - they are never a good idea, regardless of the attractive price that they usually come at.
  • Make sure you get as many workers' compensation insurance quotes as possible and compare them. The more you look, the more likely you are to find the one that best fits in with your individual business needs and your budget.
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