What information is required to get a commercial auto insurance quote online?


Because of the serious competition, online insurance quote providers try hard to keep consumers happy by making the process of obtaining commercial auto insurance quotes free, easy, fast and consumer-friendly.

Essentially, commercial auto insurance quotes do not differ considerably from one another: you will be required to provide more or less the same kind of information about yourself and your business, regardless of which website you use. To get a quote, prospective commercial auto insurance buyers will have to provide the following information:

  • Personal information - including the business owner's birth date, name, address, contact details and name of business.
  • Information about the business - description of business operations, type of business, number of years in business, number of vehicles owned by the company and number of drivers.
  • Coverage details - if there have been any claims in the past three years, whether the company currently has commercial auto insurance, the liability limits desired, the uninsured motorist limit desired (if any).
  • Vehicle information - make, model, year, type and use of vehicle, VIN number, name of driver, driver's license number and any additional information and about the drivers or the vehicles that it would be important to disclose.

Bear in mind when filling in the application form that you are not under obligation to purchase commercial auto insurance from any of the companies you will receive a quote from. Keep that in mind in case providers start calling you with different offers.

Once you have submitted the application form, you can expect to be contacted by a dozen or so insurers who will give you detailed commercial auto insurance quotes. Make sure you compare them and select the one that best matches the needs of your business.

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