What exclusions apply to a commercial general liability policy?


A commercial general liability policy is designed to protect business owners from the potentially devastating impact of commercial liability.

Commercial general liability insurance provides an extensive coverage for loss exposures such as operations and premises liability, products liability and contingent liability. However, a would-be insured needs to take into consideration the great number of exclusions which go alongside the commercial liability coverage.

Commercial general liability policies have three major coverages, each of them subject to at least a dozen exclusions.

Coverage A provides legal and financial protection to the insured if the commercial operations of the latter have caused any bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Coverage B protects the insured from personal and advertising injury liability.

Coverage C pays the medical expenses of others who happen to be injured on the commercial premises of the insured, regardless of fault.

Commercial General Liability Policy Exclusions

  • Coverage A exclusions:
    • Intentional injury liability;
    • Contractual liability;
    • Liquor liability;
    • Work-related injury liability;
    • Pollution liability;
    • Aircraft, auto, watercraft liability;
    • Mobile equipment liability;
    • Transportation liability;
    • War liability;
    • Product liability;
    • Personal and advertising liability.
  • Coverage B exclusions:
    • Intentional violation of the right of others;
    • Publication of libelous material resulting in defamation of character, which the insured knew was false;
    • Breach of contract;
    • Any materials published prior to the policy coming into effect;
    • Wrong description of services or goods;
    • Copyright, patent, intellectual rights infringement;
    • Liability for offenses in the domains of broadcasting, advertising, publishing, website content production, etc.
    • Use of somebody else's identity.
  • Coverage C exclusions:
    • Injuries to the named insured, a tenant or an employee of the insured;
    • Any injury that might be covered under a Workers Compensation policy;
    • Any injury that might occur while a person is jogging or doing any other type of sport;
    • Any injury that might be coverage under Coverage A;
    • Injury caused by war.
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