Calculate Your Life's Economic Value

This calculator will help you estimate the current value of your future earnings. Said in simpler words, it will give you a number that will represent the economic value of your life for your family and loved ones.

What does the final number show:

The final calculation, or your "human life value", shows the total amount you need to invest today, in order to equal the total earnings during your work years (before retirement).

Two values are calculated. The first shows only your expected income growth, whereas the second adds the impact of inflation too.

Explanation of the fields that need to be filled in:

Years until retirement

How many years you have before retirement.

Current annual income

Fill in your current annual income (add all income you have but only yours, not the one of your spouse if you are married).

Return on investments

This is the expected after-tax annual rate of return on your investments.

You should know that this rate depends on the types of investments you have chosen, how well they perform, and also the fees you are charged along the way. It cannot be predicted for certain.

Expected annual inflation rate

Your expenses will rise in time along with inflation. The current average of the inflation rate is 3%.

Expected income growth

The expected annual increase in your annual income.