Why do men pay more than women on car insurance?


Even when people have this notion that men are better at driving than women, or that you feel that this is a sexist way of setting premium rates, men are charged more for car insurance.

This is because according to the statistics of the insurance industry, it is men (particularly those who are aged 25 and below) who make a lot of claims. In fact, statistics show that men drivers tend to have twice the risk of being involved in an auto accident as compared to women drivers. Also, the same statistics show that for every woman that ends in a fatality due to a car accident, there will three men who will die due to a car accident.

This is the main reason why it is cheaper to get car insurance for women than for men - women are statistically safer drivers and thus present lesser risks for claims. This may be because women tend to drive more slowly, more carefully and are more conscientious in following traffic signs and road rules.

And perhaps, women are safer drivers because men are more prone to showing off (and be guilty of over speeding) or be under the influence of alcohol. So, blame it on testosterone.

Case of "twisted" statistics?

There are those who claim that the statistics are not a good basis, because there are more men driving on the road and thus generating more statistics than women. It is also said that women drivers are catching up with the statistics since the number of women drivers on the road is also on the increase. And statistics are gradually changing to reflect this development. So in the future, premiums for both men and women may be equal.

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