Will a speeding ticket from another state affect your auto insurance?


States share information on speeding tickets and other traffic violations. So, yes, a speeding ticket, even if it's from another state, will affect your auto insurance premiums.

This is all thanks to the wonders of technology - there are now integrated databases for driver's records. Gone are the days when speeding tickets and driving violations are left behind when you move to another state. Any violations you make in any state will be listed in your driving record (unless the state allows some form of intervention for the violation to be stricken from your record).

Please note, though, that there are some states that are still not included in the database, namely Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

With states that are part of the reciprocity agreement, when you get a speeding ticket, this is listed in the database and reported to your home state. Your home state will count that ticket in the same way as a ticket you receive from the home state. Thus, corresponding points, based on your home state's system, will be added to your record.

Some Tips in Dealing with a Speeding Ticket Obtained out of State

  • Ask if you can take driver's training in exchange for reduced or condoned demerit points. There are some states that allow this.
  • Pay your ticket immediately. That way, the ticket is not reflected as an unpaid one in your ticket. Also, if you don't pay on time, you may be required to make a court appearance (in the state where you got the ticket) and may be charged with higher fines. There are some states that allow you to have the record of the violation deferred, as long as you pay double the fine and don't get another ticket for the next 6 to 12 months.
  • Make sure that you meet all the violation penalties or requirements. Otherwise, any state may suspend or even deny your driver's license until you have met all violation requirements.
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