What kind of coverage does short-term car insurance provide?


Short-term car insurance is designed for situations when you need to temporarily borrow somebody's car, or you assume short-term ownership of (and responsibility for) a vehicle such as renting it to go on holiday. Since your Personal Auto policy does not provide coverage for these scenarios, you need to purchase temporary auto insurance in order to get the protection that you need.

Characteristics of Short-Term Car Insurance

  • Although the standard policy term is six months, many people need coverage for much shorter periods of time. Thus, you can buy temporary automobile coverage for a period as short as several weeks. Bear in mind, however, that the short-term car insurance premiums are typically higher than those of annual car insurance policies.
  • There are no restrictions other than time limits (the maximum temporary auto policy period is six months), which apply to short-term car insurance. Depending on your needs and preferences, short-term car insurance policies can include the same types of coverage as those of a regular auto policies offer. Insureds can get full coverage policies, or simply basic liability protection.
  • Shopping for short-term car insurance is now easier than ever before and completely suitable for people on the go. You can order your short-term auto policy online by simply filling out an application form. It is done within minutes: you simply fill in the required boxes and print the form out.
  • When filling out the one-page short-term auto insurance form, you will be asked some standard questions which will determine your premiums. These include the following:
    • Vehicle information, such as year, make, model, whether leased or owned, daily and annual mileage, primary use, type of security system, where it is parked overnight.
    • Personal information about the insured, including age, sex, credit rating, occupation, education, license status, whether they own or rent their home, when they first got their driving license, if they are currently covered under a personal auto policy and how long they have had it.
    • Coverage specifications - type of coverage preferred (Basic, Standard or Better), amounts of comprehensive and collision deductibles.
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