What do I need to do to qualify for cheap motor bike insurance?


Companies use actuarial data to determine every insured's motor bike insurance premiums. Personal details such as your age, marital status, residence, and so on, matter to motor bike insurers, along with information about your driving and riding record, and the type of motorcycle you own.

How to Get Cheap Motor Bike Insurance

Contrary to expectations, the cheapest motor bike insurance coverages are usually not the best ones. Not for motorbike riders who are statistically the most accident-prone motorists on the road.

This is why, if you want to get bike insurance and are putting the price over the quality, you should think twice. Simply getting a basic Third-party liability coverage may not be enough of a protection for all the risks of loss you are exposed to on a daily basis.

If you don't want to sacrifice the quality of motorcycle protection for its price, you should look to buy the fullest coverage you can. The Internet gives you unequalled opportunities to shop around for motor bike insurance and compare quotes from different companies from the comfort of your home.

A number of websites allow you to get instant online motor bike insurance quotes. The process is more than simple: you just need to answer a few standard questions, and you will automatically receive the motorcycle coverage quotes that match your individual situation and needs.

Factors That Affect Motor Bike Insurance Rates

You will probably be surprised that you will be asked about personal details, such as your marital status, age and occupation. These are things that matter a lot to insurers and help them determine your premiums. Here is a list of some of the details you will need to provide on order to get a quote:

  • Personal information, such as age, sex, where you live, occupation, etc. As a rule, the younger you are, the higher the premiums. This is so because men under 25 tend to be involved in a great number of road accidents and are considered high-risk drivers. Married people statistically cause less accidents, and therefore, their premiums are lower.
  • It shouldn't come as a surprise that people who have a long driving/riding history and few violations, enjoy some of the cheapest motor bike insurance rates. So if you want to qualify for low-cost motorcycle insurance, drive safely and carefully!
  • To get a cheaper motor bike insurance deal, raise your deductibles, use all the discounts you are eligible for and take a biker training course. All these can help shave some dollars off your premiums.
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