What can I do to qualify for a cheap car insurance policy for young drivers?


It is a well-known fact the young drivers under 25 pay the highest rates on car insurance policies. In most cases, it is the young drivers' parents who bear the brunt. But car insurance policy prices can be particularly prohibitive, when young people want to own auto insurance independently of their parents.

Therefore, it would be wrong to attribute the characteristic cheap to car insurance policies for young drivers. But we can still talk about finding a young driver auto insurance policy at reasonable rates. And indeed, there are ways to ease the financial burden of having a young driver in the family.

Take Advantage of Discounts for Young Drivers

There are a number of available discounts you can get to lower the high premiums on a young driver car insurance policy or a policy with a teenage driver included in it.

  • You can get 10 percent off your premiums by enrolling in a driver education course approved by the state you live in. If you have a teenage driver in the family, you can still benefit from this discount by getting your teenager to attend the course. Your car insurance policy premiums can be shaved off by a further five percent, if you complete an alcohol and drug awareness course.
  • Different insurance companies may offer different discounts for young drivers so always ask well in advance about all the premium reductions that may be available to you. You can get a discount for being a student with an excellent academic record, for driving a safe car, for having an alarm. If your son or daughter is studying away from home, you can have a further reduction of your car policy rates.
  • Since young people are considered high-risk drivers, shopping around online may not be enough to find a comparatively cheap car insurance policy. But it is still worth doing some quote comparisons, since companies tend to offer completely different prices for the same coverage. It is always highly advisable contacting an insurance agent afterwards. They might recommend that you drop a coverage you might not need or raise your deductibles in order to be offered a cheaper car insurance policy.
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