What does the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund do and how to get a MAIF quote?


"Keeping you on the road": the motto of the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF) says it all.

Established in 1972, the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund is an independent state agency which provides auto insurance to drivers in the state of Maryland, who have, for one reason or another, been refused to purchase a policy by private insurance companies.

There were many motives that led to the creation of the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund in the early 1970s. The difficulties involved in obtaining car insurance by high-risk drivers, the exorbitant prices charged by the insurers in the private market and the large percentage of motorists placed in the automobile insurance plan, were the major reasons for introducing MAIF insurance.

How to get a MAIF quote

On its website, the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund provides useful information about the driving regulations and car insurance laws in the state of Maryland. You can also request a Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund quote online. As any other instant auto insurance quote tool, the MAIF processes your request immediately and you receive a response within seconds.

The first round of questions you will have to answer, are designed to assess your general eligibility for a MAIF policy. Remember: only motorists who have been denied or cancelled auto insurance policies by private insurers, qualify for MAIF insurance.

Here are the preliminary questions you will have to answer, as they appear on the MAIF website:

  • Are you a resident of the state of Maryland?
  • Do you own or lease the car(s) that you are insuring?
  • Are you a member, on active duty of the armed forces of the United States or the United States Public Health Service; or a student enrolled in an accredited school, college or university or serving a medical internship?
  • Are the car(s) you are insuring primarily operated and garaged in Maryland?
  • Do you currently have a Maryland driver's license?
  • Have you been turned down for automobile insurance coverage by two companies or canceled by one company for a reason other than non-payment of premium?

In addition, you will be asked standard questions such as: personal information; year, type, make, model and use of vehicle; and if you have had any minor, major or intermediate road violations or accidents in the past three years. You will also have to type down your Vehicle Identification Number. You can then specify the limits on your liability coverage and your PIP (up to $2,500 per person), select whether to include physical damage coverage and specify the collision and comprehensive deductibles.

After answering all questions, you will receive an annual premium for Standard Private Passenger Policy. Remember that the information you enter is important, since your premium is entirely dependent on it.

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