What can I do to lower my motor vehicle insurance rates?


Although there might be factors affecting your auto insurance rates, which are beyond your control, such as your age, sex and driving history, there are some things you can do to reduce the amounts you pay in motor vehicle insurance premiums.

Tips for Getting Motor Vehicle Insurance at Affordable Rates

No, you cannot turn back time to that moment when you were caught speeding. What you can do, though, is try to be more careful in the future. How you drive is the major determinant of your automobile insurance premium rates. Even if you have done some violations in the past, you can still qualify for the lower rates, if you drive carefully in the future.

Here are a few other tips that can help you save money on car insurance:

  • Relying on an insurance agent to recommend you a specific motor vehicle insurance deal, is not the best thing to do for a number of reasons. Agents are usually biased since they represent a number of insurance providers so you cannot really trust their objectivity. The best thing to do is use an instant online quote tool to get a motor vehicle insurance quote. The Internet allows you to shop around and compare quotes from the comfort of your chair.
  • If your auto costs less than $2,000 and is more than eight years old, you will be better off dropping collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • Get higher deductibles and be ready to pay yourself for minor damages to your vehicle. This is really important, since insurers keep a record of all the claims their clients make. If you have made a claim in the past three years, your premiums will probably go up if you want to get a new coverage.
  • Simply getting the minimum liability coverage is not sufficient to protect you from liability in the event that you cause a serious accident. Consider raising your limits - you would be surprised to find out how cheap that is.
  • Although it would be ridiculous to suggest that you change your vehicle to lower your premiums, bear in mind that the more expensive and powerful your automobile is, the higher the premium rates.
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