How long can an insurance company keep a DWI conviction on your record?


Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense, it does not just mean a blot in your driving record. In most states, a DWI conviction can also mean a criminal record, and perhaps some jail time.

DWIs, DUIs and other traffic violations are not necessarily kept on record by the insurance company, but by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Usually, insurance companies would check these records as far back as three to five years. If your DWI record still shows up within this time frame, you can expect high insurance premiums due to your driving violation.

Although the DMV will hold all your driving records, the records it will make publicly available have their time limits. The DMV will usually show the DW record starting from the date you are convicted and will keep the DWI on your record for the next three years. After this period, the DWI conviction is removed from your driver's record on the fourth year (usually on the first day of that year - on January 1st).

The important thing is that if you have traffic violations, you have to make sure that you satisfy all the penalties meted to you. Otherwise, the more serious violations may remain on your record for 10 years or more. For instance, if your driver's license was revoked or suspended and you were not able to clear the requirements, it may stay on your record indefinitely.

Please note that this varies from state to state. Some state's DMV may keep the records for longer periods. For instance, in Nevada the minimum period of time that your DWI will stay on record is from 7 to 10 years.

Another important thing to remember is that if you have another DWI, it will stay on your record for longer.

A DWI that resulted in a death is an entirely different thing. In some states, this record will be kept for 20 years or worse, your entire lifetime, in which case you can say that getting a chauffeur will be your best option.

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