How can I get car insurance in New York City at a reasonable price?


The Big Apple might be famous for its expensive flats and posh fashion boutiques but when it comes to auto insurance, you can still qualify for a relatively affordable quote if you follow some simple advice.

Traditionally, car insurance in the whole state of New York is expensive when compared to other states. New York drivers pay an annual average of $2,500, with the national average car insurance premiums being around $1,800. Therefore, New York City drivers should shop around and spend more time looking for a reasonable deal.

One good way of doing that is using the instant online quote tools offered by many car insurance websites.

Tips for Buying Affordable New York City Car Insurance Online

  • Car insurance premiums can vary significantly from company to company so you should take your time, be patient and do a lot of research before selecting the car insurance quote that is right for you.
  • Online quote websites provide the opportunity to personalize your search so that you receive quotes that best match your individual needs. Make sure you mark all the coverages that you think you need and that you can afford. A NYC driver is required to carry a minimum bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 per person and a maximum of $50,000 per accident. New York motorists must also have property damage liability of at least $10,000.
  • Websites usually give you a number of quotes from different companies, which match your needs. Make sure you compare them with great care before contacting an insurer about a particular quote.
  • Check the insurers' financial strength, rating and stability. You can refer to the New York State Department of Insurance which offers such rankings on its website.
  • Insurers offer a great number of discounts to those drivers who do their best to reduce the risk of accidents and losses, by making their vehicles safe. Having an alarm, anti-lock brakes, air bags, parking your car somewhere safe, can help you reduce your premiums. Even if you don't have these at the time of application for a New York City car insurance policy, you can add them later and ask your NYC insurer to review your policy.
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