How to buy car insurance online


A lot of websites provide online tools allowing you to get personalised car insurance quotes from a number of companies, which you can then compare. Most auto insurance websites use a standard procedure of extracting information about you and your vehicle upfront in order to determine your premiums and put you in contact with car insurers that match your needs.

Buying Car Insurance Online - Step by Step

When using the online auto insurance quote tools, you usually start by putting in your zip code - since the state where you live is a very important factor determining the type of car insurance and your premiums. After that, you will be asked some very detailed and specific questions about your automobile, yourself and your coverage preferences. Here are the questions about your auto you will typically have to answer:

  • What year, make, model and trim is your vehicle?
  • Is there any ABS security?
  • What do you primarily use the automobile for?
    Options include business, commuting to and from work, going to school, vacation travel, etc.
  • What is the mileage of the car?
  • Where is the automobile parked overnight?
  • Is the car leased?

I addition to these, you will have to specify the type of coverage you would like to buy, including:

  • Bodily injury and physical damage liability limits;
  • Whether you would like collision and other-than collision coverage (note that you will be asked to specify deductibles if you do);
  • Whether you would like to include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (which, in some states, is mandatory);
  • Optional services include towing, rental, and uninsured motorist physical damage coverage.

Personal information like age, marital status, occupation can also affect your premiums, which is why you will have to provide answers to these questions. You must also specify the primary driver and any additional drivers who you would like to be covered under the car insurance policy.

When you answer all the questions, you will automatically receive a list of all insurers who match your criteria and have a quote to offer you. Some of them might email you the quote within minutes, while others will insist on speaking to you in person. The latter usually require your Social Security and vehicle identification number before proceeding.

Before you select a car insurance offer, make sure you have shopped around by comparing quotes and prices, and checking the companies' ratings.

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