How long does it usually take an insurance company to offer to settle in an auto accident case?


The length of the claims settlement process will depend on several factors. They are:

  • The simplicity or complexity of the case.

    If the fender bender is easily proven as the other driver's fault, then the requirements you have for filing the claim is easily obtained and you can readily file your claim.

    However, if there are complexities such as disputes as to whose fault the accident was or whether there were cases such as drunk driving or if the car was driven by an unlicensed minor, then you may have a hard time settling your claim. In fact, the insurance company may stonewall you and deny your claim. Also, there will be more complications for disability claims and medical expenses claims.

  • The reputation of the insurance company.

    There are some insurance companies who want to maintain the reputation of having a fast and easy claims process. On the other hand, there are some companies who would rather prolong the payment period.

  • Your ability to wait for the best deal.

    Sometimes, there is a temptation to settle the claims quickly just to get the money and get the thing over with. Please note that the first offer is usually the lowest they can offer - they can actually go higher.

    Also, you will need to get the advice of your lawyer so that your interests are fully protected. Remember, if you settle with your insurance company, that means that you don't have any future claims on the loss you incurred.

    You also need to consult your physician (if there are accident-related injuries). This is so you are aware of any complications on your physical condition and any possible future expenses you may incur during your recovery.

  • Your medical condition.

    If the claim is related to a personal injury and you, as claimant, are running after the insurance company of the party at fault, you have to make sure that all your medical treatments are already completed - so that the medical bill will more or less be complete.

    You can use the bill and other related documentation as part of your claim. You may also need to file a claim in case your disability is deemed permanent.

  • Ability of your lawyer to get a satisfying settlement with the insurance company.

    The length of the claims settlement process will also depend on how well your lawyer can negotiate for a good settlement.

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