What do I need to do to get an instant car insurance quote?


One of the easiest and quickest ways to get a car insurance quote instantly, is using an online insurance quote tool. You can easily find one through any search engine - simply type in your state and the kind of insurance you are looking for. There might even be an instant car insurance quote website designed specifically for your state.

Getting an Instant Car Insurance Quote

Although there are many different websites offering this service, the procedure of getting an instant auto insurance quote is more or less the same. Essentially, you are asked to provide information that is significant for determining your premium and the type of coverage that you will be offered.

Where You Live Matters

Your state and the neighborhood where you park your car are very important factors, which is why you will be asked to provide such information. Some states, like Alaska, California, New Jersey and New York are notorious for their highest average car insurance premiums, while if you live in Idaho, Ohio or Vermont, you are lucky because these states enjoy some of the lowest auto insurance rates. If you live in a bad neighborhood, your

How about Your Automobile?

How old is your car? What are its model, make and mileage? What do you use if for? What type of security system do you use? For understandable reasons, these questions are important for assessing the risk that your car stands of getting damaged or causing an accident.

How Dangerous a Driver Are You?

In addition to learning all about your driving record, insurers need to know exactly what risk you pose when behind the wheel. Therefore, don't be surprised that you will need to answer questions about your age, sex, marital status, and even occupation. All these factors play a decisive role in determining your premiums.

Don't Forget to Specify What You Are Looking for

Do you want a basic liability policy, or the full package? Do you really need collision and comprehensive coverage? How much are you willing to pay in deductibles? Do you want to include towing, rental and uninsured motorist coverage? Insurers need to know your individual car policy preferences. But don't forget that your state has its own specific requirements and limits which you will need to comply with.

You complete the form, you submit it and - voilà - after a few seconds a list of companies will appear with concrete offers specially designed for you. Some of them automatically give you a rate, while others might require further information, such as your Social Security number and vehicle identification number before offering you a quote.

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