What does full coverage auto insurance cover? Is vandalism covered?


Don't be misled by the term "full coverage auto insurance". This does not mean that it is the kind of insurance that will cover any and all instances. No insurance company will offer that!

Full coverage auto insurance refers to the kind of insurance that is as complete as car insurance will be. However, this coverage will not pay for loss resulting from acts of negligence, poor maintenance and wear and tear.

Full coverage auto insurance usually includes the following:

  • First Party coverage. By "first party", we mean, your car, your medical expenses. This will pay for any losses you incur related to:
    • Collision. The damage your car sustained as a result of a collision with a car or another object.
    • Comprehensive. This refers to events aside from collision, such as vandalism, hail, fire, theft, windstorm and other acts of God.
    • Uninsured and underinsured motorist. This will pay when your car is damaged by someone who has insufficient or no insurance coverage. Supposedly, those who are at fault will be the one to pay for the damage, however, if the person who caused the car accident does not have insurance or has very little, the uninsured and underinsured motorist cover of your policy will kick in to pay for the damage.
    • Medical payment. This will pay for medical expenses caused by the car accident.
    • Indemnity for loss of use. If your car cannot be used for a specified time, the insurance will pay for renting an alternate vehicle for you to use.
    • Towing and roadside Assistance.  In case your car gets stalled, all you have to do is call the towing and roadside assistance service and the insurance will cover the cost.
    • Rental car coverage. This will provide the same level of protection if you rent a car
  • Third Party coverage. This refers to the medical expenses and financial loss (due to damage sustained) for the other party - whether this be a driver or passenger of another car or a pedestrian. This coverage is similar to that provided in the first party coverage. It includes:
    • Bodily injury
    • Property damage
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