How do you find insurance records from a previous owner of a car?


Buying a used car may be a challenge - you need to check details such as insurance records of the previous car owner. You should also ensure that all ownership and maintenance documents are in order.

So, how do you get these records? Here's how:

  • It is ideal to find out about the owner and about insurance records prior to buying the car. If you're dealing with the previous owner, you can ask for this outright. A hesitation on the part of the owner may mean that there is something in doubt about the car's condition.
  • If you are buying through a car dealer, you can still get the details by getting in touch with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).
  • Be sure to have details such as the Vehicle Identification Number so that you can give a ready answer and not have to paw through paper during your call. Ask for a copy of the title transfer of the car you're eying - most especially the latest title transfer. This will provide you with important details such as who was the car's previous owner, as well as his address or contact details. The document may also contain information on the insurance company that covered the car.
  • Contact the insurance company to request for a record of any claims linked to the car. Be aware, though, that the insurance company does not have the obligation to provide this information to you.
  • If you want to go to the process the quicker way, you can pay to get the information by way of professional information agencies like CARFAX.

Prevent the possibility of your getting stuck with a lemon by doing a little sleuthing. This way, you are already aware if there have been accidents related to the car and what kind of claims have been made.

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