Does car insurance policy cover items stolen from the car?


First, you have to check if you have comprehensive car insurance. If you only have coverage for liability, you can't claim for theft. For this, you will need comprehensive cover.

But still, when we say "comprehensive", it does not mean that it will cover virtually anything or any event.

Here's how the comprehensive coverage goes: Anything that is permanently attached to the car or is part of the car is included in the car insurance policy. For instance, car stereos, steering wheels, rear view mirrors and rims. Anything that is not attached to the car is not covered by the car insurance policy. These are considered personal items and will be covered by either your homeowners insurance or renters insurance.

That means that if someone breaks your car windows, gets into your car to steal your laptop and bag, you should claim against your homeowners policy. If the thief goes further and steals the car stereo, the car insurance will pay only for the broken windows and the stereo.

Additional Car Accessories

Now, if you have added car accessories such as new rims, you will need to check that the value of your insurance makes a coverage provision for these. Generally, car accessories that are installed in your car and are permanently attached to it are included in the cover. In contrast, a car accessory such as a CD system or a GPS system, which can be detachable, will not be covered by the comprehensive insurance.


It is good to have proof of loss when you claim. Be sure to keep receipts as these may come handy when you need to make a claim against a stolen property.

Other Alternative

Now, if you only carry liability insurance and someone breaks into your car and steals, you can try to go to your homeowners or renters insurance to claim for the loss. However, what may be paid to you will not be the replacement value, unless your homeowners or renters policy is specifically for replacement value. Most homeowners or renters insurance only cover actual cash value (how much the item is worth now, with depreciation considered).

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