What criteria place a car in the sports car insurance bracket?


If you are concerned about premiums, then you should also consider the kind of car you buy. You see, sports cars are more expensive to insure. And if your spanking new car falls under the classification of being a sports car, then you have to be prepared to shell out more money in premiums than if you had a "average" or "sedate" car.

Insurance companies have varying criteria when classifying if a car is a sports car or not. Some of the criteria that will place a car in the sports car insurance bracket include:

  • The use of a high-performance engine. Again, the specifics of this will depend from company to company. But sports cars have the ability to accelerate more quickly and get into much higher speeds. A sports car usually has 500 hp or above.
  • Two-doors. The notion is that if it only has two-doors, then it must be a sports car. Of course, there are some cars that are obviously not sports cars but have two doors, so some insurance industries place this in consideration with other factors. If you are concerned about premiums, then you may consider getting a 4-door car.
  • Cost of replacement. For their powerful machine, sleek design and magnificent workmanship, a sports car will obviously be very expensive.
  • Cost of maintenance/repair. Sports cars are more expensive to repair and maintain due to the fact that car parts are also harder to find. In addition, mechanics and car shops that are specially trained and equipped to fix this type of car is just as hard to find - and will be expensive to boot.

Sports cars demand higher car insurance premiums because of the intrinsic risks they carry. For one, who can avoid stepping a bit harder on the accelerator if you have all that power and high-performance engine at your disposal? Drivers will really find it hard to keep themselves from resisting the thrills of driving at top speeds - and increase the risk for accidents.

In addition, with the fact that the sports car is a chick-magnet, it also is a thief magnet. Sports cars are more vulnerable to theft.

To help determine whether the car you are shopping for is considered a sports car, you can ask your prospective insurance company to give you the specific criteria they have for sports cars.

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