How do I compare bike insurance quotes?


It is now easier than ever before to get a bike insurance quote and compare motorcycle insurance offered by different companies. What used to be done over the phone and even in person in the past can now happen within a few clicks of the mouse. The Internet provides consumer-friendly information about bike insurance which you can access anonymously and absolutely for free, directly from your personal computer.

Tips for Comparing Bike Insurance on the Internet

There are a number of websites giving you the opportunity to get a motorbike insurance quote by simply filling out an application form. However, there are some things to consider if you want to get the best quote and save money on your bike insurance.

  • Shop around! Don't just jump at the first motorcycle insurance quote you get offered. Be sure to compare similar quotes from different insurance companies. You must always check each insurer's financial strength and rating at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners consumer web portal.
  • Bikers are some of the most susceptible to accidents motorists. Think about the consequences of getting hit by a car or a bigger vehicle! Also, remember that compared to automobile coverage, bike insurance costs "peanuts". Get the widest coverage that you can afford and forget about all your worries.
  • Never select a bike insurance quote only because it is cheap! Make sure it provides all the necessary protection, such as third-party liability, collision and comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage. The cheapest bike insurance deals typically provide only basic liability protection.
  • When filling out the application form, make sure you take advantage of all the discounts you qualify for. If you can take a Safety Riding course, or are a member of a motorcycle club, you might be offered a serious discount.
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