Where can I get a commercial vehicle insurance quote?


As is the case with standard personal auto policies, commercial vehicle insurance quotes can be accessed online, through specialized websites. All you will need to do is answer some questions about your business, your vehicles and the drivers of the commercial automobiles or trucks.

While filling out a commercial vehicle insurance application form, you will not be asked questions about yourself; you will have to provide information about your business, instead.

Factors such as the business use, weight and mileage of the vehicle, determine your commercial vehicle insurance rates.

Questions you will be asked when applying for a commercial auto insurance policy, include the following:

  • Your name, name and type of business;
  • Business description and main activity;
  • Garaging zip code;
  • The farthest one-way distance travelled for business purposes;
  • Body, Type, Year, Make, Model of Vehicle;
  • Market Value of Vehicle;
  • Information about drivers;
  • Contact Information.

Once you have answered all the questions, you will receive a number of online quotes offered by different companies. While some websites have advanced tools which automatically do the quote comparison for you, in the majority of cases you will have to compare the conditions offered in every commercial auto insurance quote yourself. It might take some time and require some effort from your side but it will pay off at the end.

How to Keep You Commercial Vehicle Insurance Premiums in Check

While it is impossible to change some conditions, businesses can use some tips to lower their commercial vehicle premiums:

  • It is of paramount importance who will be driving your commercial vehicles. Check the driving history of each employee and don't include the ones with bad driving record in your business auto policy.
  • Emphasize safe driving and ask your employees to take all the precautions necessary.
  • Maintain and ensure the good technical condition of your vehicles.
  • Make sure that your employees are experienced and skilled in operating your business vehicles.
  • Update the mileage and usage of vehicle information upon every renewal of the commercial auto insurance policy.
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