Does collision coverage protect my car against a crash with an uninsured vehicle?


If you have opted for adding a collision coverage clause to your Personal Auto policy, your automobile is insured against any physical damage caused by collision with another car or any stationary object, regardless of whose fault it is. Even if your auto is hit and damaged by an uninsured vehicle, your Personal Auto policy will pay for the repairs.

However, if your car is involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle, and you sustain bodily injuries, your auto policy won't pay for them, unless you have a separate uninsured motorist coverage clause included in your policy.

How Collision Coverage Works

  • Under collision coverage, the insurance company promises to pay compensation for any unintentional direct damages caused to your covered auto or a nonowned auto as a result of collision with a stationary object or another vehicle, even if the latter is uninsured.
  • The insurance company is responsible to pay damages, regardless of whether the physical damages to your automobile are caused by you or somebody else.
  •  In order to minimize the occurrence of small claims and encourage car owners to protect their vehicles from damage, insurance companies write collision coverage with a straight deductible, such as $250 or $500.
  • In order for an insurer to pay collision claims, your loss must satisfy the definition of collision loss. The most common examples of collision loss are the following:
    • You car hits another vehicle, a tree or a building;
    • You damage your car due to bad road conditions while driving;
    • You hit the car parked next to you and damage the car door, while trying to drive out of a parking lot.

Collision claims are not paid if your car suffers damage as a result of theft, fire, natural disasters, vandalism or contact with a bird or an animal. All these damages are covered by the so-called "other-than-collision loss" which you can buy separately.

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