What is car insurance discount for defensive driver training?


Car insurance companies base their premiums on how high a risk you present. And these insurance companies believe that enrolling in a defensive driver training will help lower that risk. And, as a consequence, the lower the risk, the lower the premiums.

Getting this kind of training not just makes one a better driver but also one that is better able to avoid accidents when other drivers are the ones at fault.

Commonly, a discount of 5 to 15% may be given to those who have recently taken a defensive driving course. You will need to show a certificate as proof that you have indeed taken the driver's training in order for you to avail of the discount.

Discounts for taking defensive driver training will vary from insurance company to insurance company, and even from state to state. But here are some helpful points to take note of:

  • Generally, the primary driver listed in the policy should be the one who should take the training.
  • Some states require insurance companies to give discounts when drivers complete this course.
  • The certificate for the driver's training has an "expiry date", usually set at three years. This means that you can enjoy premium discounts on the certificate for three years and then you need to take another course to continue enjoying the discounts.
  • Once you have taken the course, you need to inform your insurance company about this. It is also advisable to check whether the discount has really been applied to your premiums.
  • This is one great way to reduce premiums for a teenage driver.

To Remove Violations from your Driving Record

Another way to enjoy a discount from driver's training would be to ensure that your driving record remains clean, despite of a previous mistake you made.

This program depends on the state. There are some states that allow a traffic violation to be removed from your record in exchange for driver's training. Check to see whether your state has this ruling.

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