What are the average CA (California) motorcycle insurance costs?


For bike riders in California, motorcycle insurance can cost anywhere between a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. It is difficult to estimate the average CA motorcycle insurance costs since every motorcyclist's premiums are based on their own individual situation.

Furthermore, in California you can really see completely different situations. You can find bikers who are married, live in safe neighborhoods, have spotless driving records, drive/ride on roads with a low number of accidents, and therefore, pay some of the lowest premiums. At the same time, due to the large number of cases of motorbike theft (California is of the states with the highest rate of stolen motorcycles in the country), some areas of the state have some of the highest motorcycle premium prices in the country. This is especially so when the bike rider is under age 25, or if an expensive sports bike is insured.

Factors Affecting CA Motorcycle Insurance Costs

Due to the California Motorcyclist Safety Program introduced in 1987, which provides obligatory training to every new bike rider under the age of 21, the number of motorbike accidents in California has dropped significantly. The success of the California Motorcyclist Safety Program, coupled with the obligatory helmet regulation, has resulted in the state of California enjoying some of the lowest numbers of fatal motorcycle incidents, which in its turn, have made bike insurance costs drop.

Still, bike riders in California are faced with some other risks. Some of them have to do with weather conditions - the occasional rainfall wreaks havoc on California roads, since people are used to driving on dry roads and not experienced enough driving in wet conditions.

There is also a great number of reckless motorists who are either uninsured, or are caught DUI-driving. Such drivers cause most of the accidents involving motorbike riders. To reduce this risk, the state of California offers motorcycle insurance coverage at lower rates to bike riders who have taken the California Motorcyclist Safety Program.

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